“We strive to create a swimwear brand that fits all body types and allows women to feel confident when suiting up in their swimwear!”

xx, Laur & Dani

About Us

Best friends Lauren Vanbetlehem and Danielle Villa embarked on their journey with Formula Sea Swim after encountering numerous self-confidence challenges in the world of swimwear. Both standing at 5'7" and possessing curvier figures with larger busts, they struggled to find swimwear that made them feel comfortable and confident. As they approached the summer of 2021, Lauren and Danielle found themselves without swimwear that suited their unique body types.
Faced with the constant unavailability of swimwear that met their needs, Lauren took matters into her own hands and started sewing bathing suits for both herself and Danielle. This initiative marked the realization of a long-held high school dream of becoming business partners. In April 2021, they brought their dream to life by collaborating with a manufacturer and launching Formula Sea Swim. Their brand officially hit the scene in the summer of 2021, hailing from Toronto, Ontario.
Lauren and Danielle's primary objective is to redefine the way people perceive swimwear. They firmly believe that donning a swimsuit should be an experience that instills comfort and confidence, removing the aspect of objectification. These beliefs culminated in the creation of a swimwear formula rooted in strength, empowerment, and authenticity, which ultimately inspired the name Formula Sea Swim.


Check out our beautiful models as they strut in Formula Sea Swim.

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